21.07.2017/ ŠRZ Drienok-Mošovce / pin Zobraziť mapu ŠRZ Drienok-Mošovce Na Drienok 460, Mosovce Slovakia

FOUR:TUNE FESTIVAL ►► DRIENOK ►► SLOVAKIA [Na Drienok 460, Mosovce] 20 - 22 JULY 2017 ►► ►► DRUM & BASS STAGE by Codered Crew►►HARD STAGE ►► by Braincrack Bross & Drumatch ►► EDM STAGE by Quadraton club and Quadraton SOUND and hardstyle.sk and Straight Beats ►► CAJOVNA / TEEHOUSE STAGE ►► by Sound Script and Shantea + Shangrila chillout/ambient/psytrance >> TEKNO STAGE >> 30kW soundwall by BADTEKK [CZ] + TEKFORCE23 // TF23 DJs, Badtekk DJs & live, 23pozitiv DJs [SK], Nikisha [Frenbass] [CZ], Maraky live [LZB] [SK], FREAKYTEKNOBOYZ [IT], Fantek [CZ] ► Vstupenky uz len na mieste !! Entry ticket only on the gate // THIS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL EVENT, BY PURCHASING A TICKET YOU SUPPORT THE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION MARGARETKA (for the physically and mentally handicapped) ... so lets support good thing and celebrate the TF23 8 YEARS ANNIVERSARY !!!

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