3 Stages: Tekno, dNb, Hardcore/Terror madness at the amazing location as well known as BZOVIK MONASTERY and TEKFORCE23 sound will not miss !!! Fourtune festival is a Unique concept which will for this year support Mental Health League organization that provides cashless help to the mental illness and people with mental health problems. This is not commercial event, by purchasing the ticket, you support League for the mental health !! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DJ's&Vj's&Live act.: TMH live [TRANZIT] [CZ]; ELECTRYKE live [FDM] [CZ]; WONKA live [CTK] [AT]; RACHOTEK live [DISQOTEK,DIGITAL DEALERS] [CZ]; BERIO live [VOSA] [CZ]; SKRAT live [LAZY BASTARDS] [SK]; ERGOT live [VELODRON] [SK]; KRAKATIT live [PKO/TF23]; NA/CU live [RO/AT]; BADTEKK SOUNDSYSTEM DJ's [CZ]; MASOZZ [TF23/23PSS] [SK]; SWAP [TF23] [SK]; REZORT [TF23] [SK]; LUKAS [PARAKTIW] [SK]; MadCat Mapp Ing [AT]; Da We [TATRAMAT] [CZ] + many more... stay connected.... FB link of the festival: https://www.facebook.com/events/2502440726497344/

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