07.08.2020/ ROKALYUKA / Žihľava

7-9.8.2020.. NOT OPEN TO ALL SOUNDSYSTEMS !!! LEGAL PLACE with 4 stages: TF23+23PSS+???; LZB+PKO+PID+CYB+???; UPD+PLR+???; PTW.... please do not share any info on FB, stay underground !!! ... Parking fee for each car, van, caravan, truck 5€, there will be water tank provided but please bring enough water with you, do not make fire places, bring your garbage with you, respect the soundsystems and the nature, if you see something as violence, injury, health problems or so do not hasitate to help !!! Please respect the organizers and their orders, camping just in the soundsystem surrounding area ...TF23 HAS 13th ANNIVERSARY so beware !!! location: 48.216761, 19.456763, please do not share on FB !!!! Share with care.. rave ON !

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