trastu09.04.2018 00:09
salut 23 family free
admin01.12.2017 20:17
29.12 ---- FUGA ;)
majkl18.11.2017 18:36
super zur vcera! next event?:)
ADMIN03.10.2017 18:27
coskoro ;) ostan naladeny...
michal26.09.2017 22:25
terapia v subclube?
Turo04.08.2017 22:39
Ako to vyzera? Pocul som vseliake info
ADMIN04.08.2017 18:50
49.473931, 18.919842 You are the party!
tojedno04.08.2017 09:51
Kto tam hra
tojedno04.08.2017 09:51
Kto tam hra?
Psycokiinetix04.08.2017 09:23
Ka04.08.2017 08:49
Lajci04.08.2017 03:34
From Zilina take Direction to Kysucke nove mesto and Cadca via road E75 In Cadca choose direction to Zwardon[PL] via road 12. Pass Cierne, enter Skalite village, drive cca 3,2km trough skalite, behind the bridge turn right and continue straight along the stream. Look for the roadsigns after 2,3km on the leftside. TRUCKS INFO !!Trucks over 3,5t can turn before Cadca to Oscadnica, go trough and turn left at the direction to skalite. [ignore "no entry for trucks" sign, under is writen "except traffic service", and you are traffic support of event, so you are, and locals do the same] continue in direction to skalite till the big triangle/delta cross, choose the sharp left and drive straight along the streem to the roadsigns on the rightside. party roadsign: 49.473931, 18.919842 You are the party!
??04.08.2017 00:48
smalltek info?
soso03.08.2017 15:15
Cewes cestujem z nemecka na smaltek a neni zadne info o mieste cinu bude vlasne ci ne zhvilku som na sk a teraz kade dal
kupko03.08.2017 14:28
its new place! and its not Velky Krtis. thanks for patience info at the evening